200v350 3 Bedroom House Souvigne, Dept.37
201L002P 4 Bedroom Town House Loches, Dept.37
201L020 House for restoration Beaulieu les Loches, Dept.37
205p264 Partly Renovated 5 Bed House & large Outbuildings Creuse Valley, Dept.36
209b4430 House a few minutes from Bléré, Dept.37
210L046 House near Loches, Dept.37
210v1337 Longère Saunay, Dept.37
212L062R Town House near Loches, Dept 37.
220v1422 House Monnaie, Dept 37.
223L012P Town House near Loches, Dept 37.
224v1417 Apartment Saint Avertin, Dept 37.
230v330 Longère Gizeux, Dept 37.
232C803 Longère Flere la Riviere, Dept 36.
236b11006 House North of Montrichard, Dept 41.
236b11010 House Montrichard, Dept 41.
241L019G Farm House and Outbuildings. south of Loches, Dept 37.
242v1413 Longère La Chapelle Blanche St Martin, Dept 37.